Glass Balustrading

Glass Balustrading is a great option for meeting building and safety requirements whilst creating a striking and attractive feature. 

With a huge variety of stock sized panels and a variety of Sleek Stainless Steel hardware, we have all you need to create a stunning and functional Glass Balustrade. There are many fixing options for glass balustrades including Spigots, Glass Clamps, Glass Adaptors and Channel. We also have a large selection of handrail and capping rail for you to choose from.

Our panels are all made from toughened glass and are certified to meet Australian/New Zealand standards

Our stock balustrade panels all have a high quality polished edge with a 2mm corner radius on all panels and are all heat soaked.

Heat soaking is an extra processing step carried out once glass is toughened. the glass is placed in an oven which heats up the panels to a certain temperature. This treatment will cause panels with imperfections to break in the oven. This reduces the chance of glass breaking onsite.

Our friendly and experienced staff are just a phone call away should you require any technical information or any assistance in working out what you require.

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