Handrail Brackets

Trade Products offers an extremely large variety of Wall Mounted Handrail Brackets.

The brackets in this range are all Grade 316 Stainless Steel and are fastened with either screws or Lag Screws.

If you need to fix into masonry we recommend chemsetting (Chemical Anchor Glue) handrail brackets into the wall, you can use our Lag Screws to achieve this or threaded rod/threaded studs.

Our round top handrail brackets are best suited to 50.8mm tube, however can also be used on 38.1mm profiles and anything in between or over. This just means the cradle will fit around the rail slightly less snug.

Our flat top handrail brackets will suit all flat handrails. All of our brackets can be used with Stainless Steel or timber top rails.

If you require any advice on our handrail brackets or advice on how to best fix them to your wall, please give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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